~ Black Box

Opening black boxes

Cracking open the mysterious Black Box is like solving a big puzzle! We break it down into smaller, manageable pieces. By teaming up with you, we become the ultimate Black Box busters for your business, adding value every step of the way!

Hands-on advisory

We have technologists with great domain knowledge in numerous industry sectors and business models in combination with technical expertise.

Software development

We walk the talk. Based on our hands-on advisory, we develop solutions with code, low-code and no-code in a secure way.

What we do



We unlock business value by modernizing old systems, focusing on quality data.

By lifting old systems into new solutions, we can uncover business gold. That is: good data quality. Our Dazzle expertise in cloud infrastructure, integrations, and data management, helps our clients to enable the full potential of data and platforms. We identify Black Boxes and help our customers make them more transparent.
Have control over your business data,understand the root of the Black Box, and take the next step into machine learning and AI. We help our customers at each stage. Zebra has excellent facilitators and have the tools and subject experience to guide your journey into automation and data-based decision-making.

Business apps

Business apps

Business apps are software applications specifically crafted to:

1. Automate and Streamline Operations:

These apps help businesses optimize and simplify their processes, reducing manual tasks and boosting efficiency.

2. Enhance Collaboration:
They facilitate seamless communication and cooperation among team members and departments, fostering better teamwork and idea exchange.

3. Improve Productivity:
Business apps are tailored to boost overall productivity by enabling employees to work smarter, not harder.

4. Boost Competitiveness:

By harnessing technology, these apps give businesses a competitive edge, helping them stay ahead in their respective markets.



As the cyberattacks develop we see that they are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive and will in many cases be attacks taking advantage of multiple vulnerabilities, in several stages of the attack. Meaning that we see a greater need for all companies to work consistently and structured with cybersecurity as well as physical security. The modern-day security needs to consist of both physical and digital security and management needs to take active ownership. For many companies and leadership teams, cybersecurity is still seen as a “black box” and many feel that they don’t have enough competence to even know where to go forward. By using our way of “solving black boxes” we can help businesses become more secure by taking ownership to the unknown within the organization, be it people, processes or technology.