We are a consultancy company dedicated to opening and solving Black Boxes. Our team of developers, business advisors, security experts, and data specialists are helping to increase transparency and make better decisions based on data.


Opening the Black Box requires analysing and working the issues into smaller pieces. Working in close collaboration with you enable us to dismantle Black Boxes in your business and bring value in every stage of opening the issue.


Maximize your data’s potential by organizing and creating cloud infrastucture and integrations.

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Business apps

Enhance your productivity and competitiveness by creating business apps that help automate and streamline your processes and operations.

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Become more secure and take ownership of the unknown within your organization, be it people, processes, or technology.

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The Dazzle

Empowering human talent and opening black boxes that's what Zebra is all about

Colin Patric Ntenga
Sveinung Rist Ertsland
Sindre Langeveld
Raymond Nymark
Per Inge Håland
Mayra Carbone
Kjetil Abrahamsen
Kevin Rydland
Håvard Kittelsen
Guro Larssen
Even Røgeberg
Marius Mårnes Mathiesen
Elisabet Haugsbø
Rohit Saggi
Tord Langedal Ness
Kristian Aaslund
Martin Fjeld


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We're ready when you are. Let's talk and open the Black Box together.

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